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About Us

At Hollyberry Nursery in Hansen, Idaho, we take great care to grow our stock carefully, selecting each plant to add beauty, balance, and color to its future home. Our plant nursery staff takes great pride in being a quality grower, and we offer the highest quality products grown in and acclimated to our environment.

Cliffside - Plant Nursery

Whether our products go to a new home, business park, or are used for wind break, we promise that you’ll love and cherish each plant you buy from us. You’ll have something that can grow with you, your family, or your business, and will bring beauty and joy to the lives of others.

Natural Beauty

Our plant nursery is a truly beautiful place, providing a breathtaking background for family photos, senior pictures, and much more. Many of our visitors come and enjoy photo shoots and wedding receptions on our beautiful lawn. The tree canopy above creates the perfect place to sit with family and friends to enjoy the memories, and we truly enjoy bringing families together and encourage you to bring your children.

Kids have the opportunity to pick their favorite flowers and play on our play set. Bring out the family today and see what memories you can make!

Contact us to learn more about the local plant nursery that offers so much more!