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Decorative Shrubs & Trees

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At Hollyberry Nursery in Hansen, Idaho, you’ll find a full range of beautiful decorative shrubs and trees that we grow just for you. This ensures that your plants are already acclimated to the Idaho climate and are sure to blossom with proper care.


Every tree we plant is cared for and grown in Southern Idaho, ensuring they are hardy and stand strong against the weather in Southern Idaho. We guarantee that you can find the perfect tree that will last your family a lifetime. Our nursery sells to landscapers and private residents, and our trees are ready for shipping and delivery. Prices vary based on the size of the tree, and each one comes with a label, tree type, and a health guarantee. Choose from decorative or fruit trees, including our most popular varieties, or hardy, deciduous, and coniferous trees.


Shrubs can serve just about any purpose you like, and we have shrubs for any place you could want one. From beautiful, flowering shrubs to protective, thorny shrubs, we have everything you might need. Our decorative shrubs come in containers in a wide range of sizes for you to choose from, and we offer specials on combined orders.

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